Miraculous Healings

Miraculous Healings

Miraculous Healings at Practical Christian Ministry & Setting the Captives Free Courses

What is so amazing about a lady holding a banana?

Read on and let Silvia tell you in her own words the wonderful testimony of what God did whilst supporting the Practical Christian Ministry course.

All of my life, I had suffered from Banana Musa Acuminata (a banana allergy).  My body’s immune system wrongly identified bananas as a threat and would trigger an anaphylactic shock.

The allergic response was so severe that even the smell of bananas would trigger a violent reaction. I was a teacher in a large school in Northampton town and the whole school, staff and pupils alike were advised never to bring bananas to school.

Doctors tried to convince me to allow them to ‘trigger’ the allergy, so that they could prescribe me with an epi-pen. I always refused.

On one occasion, I was traveling on an airplane, when a passenger peeled a banana to eat it. The allergic response made me so ill that I had to be laid out, unconscious across four seats with medical attention.


I attended the Practical Christian Ministry course run by ENBS UK and all the students had been advised and requested on day one never to bring bananas to the Bible School. During a lunch break I mentioned to a staff member that every time I walked into the classroom, whether it be on the day of the course, or at any other time during the week ,I was sure that I could smell bananas. In fact, everywhere I went in the building, I smelled bananas.


The staff member suggested that maybe the Lord wanted to minister into that area of my life. So without any further hesitation, they, with others, prayed for me, taking authority over allergic responses in my body, in the Name of Jesus. As there was no immediate way of testing whether I had been healed, the staff member suggested that on the way home, I visit a supermarket, go to the banana section and take note of my reaction. I felt this was good advice.


However, God had other plans. I walked into the dining room at lunchtime and two people were eating bananas!!! They were not present on the first day when the instruction was given not to bring bananas. Those that had prayed for me cautiously asked me if I was feeling okay. Not only was I feeling okay, I could not smell the bananas! I felt confident enough to touch them. I held the banana in my hand, ran it under my nose, and gave it a jolly good sniff; all to the delight and excitement of all those who were present. The Lord had healed me, right there on the spot. The Lord delivered me and set me free from this life captivating ailment.


Not only that, at the same time I had been suffering for many months with pain in my shoulders and back and barely able to lift my arms. Often times needing assistance to get dressed and even put my coat on. The Lord healed me from that condition as well on the ‘Setting the Captives Free Course’ a week earlier. Both  healings changed the quality of my life. I thank the Lord for His grace and goodness to me on that day. 


All glory to His great Name!